Shujaa’s licensed flight dispatchers and trip planners are highly trained, skilled and expert at quickly putting together optimal routes and flight plans. You can be assured flight plans build by these skilled experts comply with, and often exceed, industry standards, to give you that extra level of comfort, safety, and knowledge for every flight.

We regularly plan flights to destinations that span the most remote locations on our planet, and our flight dispatchers can address even the most extreme emergency situations.

Our in-house computer-generated flight plan package ensure that you have:

 1.    An optimized flight plan that reduces fuel costs while giving you the best possible route that addresses your specific needs and payload requirements.

2.    Up to date weather and Notams briefing for your entire route. As we know aviation weather is fickle and variable, changing with each region, and altitude. Our experienced dispatchers work with the latest weather data updated every 3 hours and combine it with detailed historical data to identify and work around weather that could affect your flight plan.

3.    The correct over-flight and landing permits

4.    Appropriate slots for departure, arrival, and parking

5.    Picking from dozens of commonly used reserve fuel policies (with variations based variables such as fixed, percentage, time, top of descent, altitude, contingency, taxi fuel, average fuel flow, destination alternates, and much more} We offer the best reserve fuel policy for your type of aircraft.

6.    Quality pilot briefing which includes all the important information:

a)    We offer detailed Operational flight plan and also file your ATC Flight plans at both domestic and international destinations. 

b)    ETP Scenario (s)

c)    Significant meteorological and aeronautical information

d)    Reclear scenarios, points, destinations, and alternates

e)    Description of major weather features

f)     Forecast temperatures and winds charts

g)    Supplementary aeronautical information (NOTAMs)

h)    Briefing reviews and updates

i)     We also provide flight following and monitoring services with competitive rates.



  • Our licensed dispatchers are always available 24/7 to:

a)    Clarify and answer any questions.

b)    Amend or cancel flight plans on your behalf

c)    Ensure flight plans are properly activated when crossing international borders and etc.